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Do I Need to File a Bankruptcy?

bankruptcy filing

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, contact bankruptcy attorney Scott Rice to see if filing for bankruptcy in Columbus, Ohio can get you back on the right financial track.

  • Do you receive harassing phone calls from creditor?
  • Do you receive letters from creditors for late or overdue payments?
  • Can only make the minimum payment on your credit cards?
  • Do you have overdue Medical bills for lack of insurance or co-pays you can not afford?
  • Have you been sued or have outstanding judgements?
  • Is your paycheck being garnished?
  • Been denied credit due to your credit report?
  • Pending foreclosure?
  • Has your vehicle been repossessed?
  • Are your utilities turned off or about to be due to a high arrearage

How Can a Bankruptcy Help Me?

  • Wipe away credit cards, medical bills, collection accounts, most payday loans, old utilities, foreclosure deficiencies, repossessed deficiencies, and most judgements.
  • Stop Creditors from harassing you with phone calls and letters.
  • Stop Foreclosures on your house or mobile home.
  • Stop vehicles from being repossessed.
  • Stop lawsuits and judgements.
  • Stop wage garnishment that can be as much as 20% of your net pay.
  • Stop liens being put against your property.
  • Stop utilities from being shut off or have them restored if they are turned off.
  • Stop most judgments that suspend your drivers license.
  • In certain circumstances, lower the amount you owe on your vehicle or strip second and third mortgages.
  • Allow you time to catch up on your house payment with a Chapter 13.

How Can't Bankruptcy Help Me?

  • Eliminate the amount owed on a secured debt (debt with collateral) and keep your property (house, vehicle, etc).
  • Eliminate child support
  • Eliminate Domestic Support Orders or alimony
  • Eliminate certain debts in divorce proceedings
  • Eliminate most student loans
  • Eliminate most taxes
  • Eliminate orders by a court for restitution or criminal fine.
  • Eliminate debt owed by a co-debtor or co-signer even if you were dischanged in bankruptcy.

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Columbus bankruptcy attorney Scott Rice helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy code.